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Chilly At The Crib - Ugly Americans Lyrics

Updated Jan 1, 1970 | Posted time: Jan 1, 1970

What is Chilly At The Crib Lyrics

"Chilly At The Crib" lyrics are a set of words that make up a song named Chilly At The Crib, usually consisting of verses and choruses. The writer of this song lyrics is a lyricist or lyrist: Ugly Americans.

Chilly At The Crib song words

I'm kicking back at the chill shack
Felling kinda slack relaxed and kinda like keroauc
No I do not drive a Cadillac I got the buzzmobile
Cuz mobile makes me feel like its the lovemobile
I got the cow print sheets on my sheets
I always got the black chuck taylors covering up my feets
I got the faux pas fake black marble paint covering up the wood on my bookcase
I cleans my teeth every once in a while with tartar control backing soda toothpaste
I'm digging the laid back grooves of stan getz and ciau gilberto
I date a girl named sister all that she's kinda hip and you know she's puerto
Rican I'm freaking and speaking of tweaking
The weekend's kinda sneaking up and baby I'll be squeaking
By I'm tweaked out and freaked out and geek by the tile grout
Its black and green and scary and the tilex fumes is kinda hairy
I got the windows open hoping I don't asphyxiate & die I guess I'm coping
I'm kinda insane oh man but I don't needs the rogaine
Can you stop the madness my badness is preplanned
I'm ready to recoil oh really no rally
I don't like to dilly I dally in the fillies you know they dry me silly
My shampoos got the aloe I don't wear no mascara
I paint my nails with manic panic galaxy gold cause I don't carea
What you think I stinka so whata you nutta
I think I had to fuck your daughter in the butta
I got the air conditioner cranked up to 70
You know sometimes it feels just like heaven g
I got the butt juice runnin down my lips
I'm hips I know what cooks I'm trips
I'm tripping and dipping and skipping along to my lou
Doing whatever it is I think I needs to oughta do
I'm pulling out the amazing spiderman bubblebath
I got the black sheets on my bed sometimes I just have to laugh
I get on the phone and now I starts to get to dialing
I'm calling up my honey I'm smoking American Spirits and smilin
I'm feeling quite refreshed and I'm felling quite nicely
I'm calling up the cutie with the booty cause she's spicy
Spicier than the chili con carne down at el arroyo
I get a hold of some girl named lenny and I calls her joyo
My freezers packed with chung king mini egg roll variety
I'm watching my weight so I can pack my ass wagon tight here in society
I'm playing it cool even though it ain't that relaxin relaxin
I'm checking my cream and finding out I ain't got no jacksons
I rolling my lazy ass out of the bed but never before 2:30
I'm washing my hair with j crew shampoo when its uh dirty
I get in my car its kinda cool it ain't no caddy
Its just a volkswagon bug its kinda snug but it's a fatty
I'm watching the cable t.v. its on discovery
I got the down filled feather blanket to keep me toasty warm and cover me
I'm eating the cinnamon raison bagels cause they's fat free
Keeps me slim and trim and looking tight and sassy
Sassy like a motherfucker like myself should look
I'm reading herman messe's steppenwolf because I heard it was a good book
I'm calling up my homeboy slowpoke just to see what's been a shaking
To find out what's up & maybe whose heart he's breaking
It's rough outside you know sometimes I'd rather chill at home
You knows to spend a little quality time alone
But cruising round the town's not really what I'm all about
I'm pretty busy really chilly back and kicking crazy jams out my house i'm nicely rearranged and fresh and rested up I've tested out the brain bong
Gone long ago I'm agro easy cool fool for the old school drooling on my pillow case
In case you haven't guessed oh yes I'm blessed with flavor
Savor every drop and don't change my behavior

Cause it's a real good feel good day
And things are kinda trips but there looking my way
I'm taking my own advice I'm kicking back and thinking bout the things I did
I'm drinking Mr. Pibb
It's chilly at the crib
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