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Floss Don One - Dame Grease Lyrics

Updated Jan 1, 1970 | Posted time: Jan 1, 1970

What is Floss Don One Lyrics

"Floss Don One" lyrics are a set of words that make up a song named Floss Don One, usually consisting of verses and choruses. The writer of this song lyrics is a lyricist or lyrist: Dame Grease.

Floss Don One song words

f/ H.O.T. Ones


Niggas want WHAT!!!, what you want now

Operation Lock, shut niggas down

Nothin to gain, niggas want war with my gang

I'm gunnin them thangs, have you slumped up in a Range

How do you die, once I swing the iron at ya'll

My riders'll swarm, Don be the eye of the storm

'Cause when it's my flow ya heart froze poppo

Expose the 4 grip apart though, you not know

Fuck with my dough, kick in your door, 20 Roscoe

You think it's a game, Hot Ones'll burn you in flames

Got little hands but hold the gat with ease

Aint much to adjust, pull back and squeeze

Flame-On, Chandon, never get it mixed kid

Shots from the cannon'll leave a nigga twisted

One phone call, cats is done for

You want war, see 4-4 with the pump saw


Floss, One, Don

Let me get 'em, get 'em

Floss, One, Don

Let me get 'em, get 'em

Floss, One, Don

Let me get 'em, get 'em

Floss, One, Don

Let me get 'em, get 'em

Now who we be (fly niggas)

Who we be (fly niggas)

Who we be (fly niggas)

Who we be (fly niggas)



Who the fuck is ya'll niggas, no name niggas

Live off the strip with ya man, 4 main niggas

Is ya'll insane niggas, tryin to rule the streets now

I'd be wrong if I cocked back, two of your peeps down

Fall asleep now, I got killas on a pay roll

Staight four from the trey-eight-o, kay bro

Hot Ones is well connected like cable

It's hectic when the Tec spit

Don't move, you catch it

Get in beef with me now, your peeps'll be found

Fuck beatin down, he havem' meetin the ground

In front of his door step, been waitin all night

Fuck black, I'm comin to kill him in all white

Cocked hammer, blow five at him on sight

If not hit him, I'm droppin my gun and we gon' fight

Get a brick, flip a brick, go plat, shit is sick

Rather rap game or crack game, Floss ridiculous



Raised up in stories, Cristal and gators

Ecaped through the block now, love us or you hate us

Rappers get shot down, whole lotta haters

CDs or tapes the only way to play us

Girls, they'll talk that he say, she say

Freshed up, more kicks than Eastbay

We stay, breakin 70 always on the freeway

But the cops say boy take it easy

My name is One, I'm tryin to lock the game

Uhhh, a lot of haters tryin to block the game

Uhhh, too hot, can't stop the game

Used to be in the streets and pack pain

Ay yo, stop One, but I can't son

Smoke branson, three young niggas tryin to blow like Hanson

Fitted to the back, red and blue band son

Some cats can't stand him

But damn them

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