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Never Thought - Dame Grease Lyrics

Updated Jan 1, 1970 | Posted time: Jan 1, 1970

What is Never Thought Lyrics

"Never Thought" lyrics are a set of words that make up a song named Never Thought, usually consisting of verses and choruses. The writer of this song lyrics is a lyricist or lyrist: Dame Grease.

Never Thought song words

f/ Baby Madison, Meeno, Tony Wink

Intro [Dame Grease]:

We have (we have)

Some the (some of the)

Exclusive (exclusive)

Hardest (hardest)

Vacant Lot ya'll! (Vacant Lot ya'll)

Yeah (yeah)

It only just because I told ya (I told ya)

Let's go Muh'fackaz (Muh'Fackaz)

Verse 1 [Tony Wink]:

Yo, I 'em payed dues for years, so I'm in to shot game

Even though I got a deal, I still hustle in the rain

Fuck fame

These cold streetz puffin' through my veins

Like a agent ?affected payin' me, wanna dig with the cane?

Young niggas comin' up fast, we wantin' the same

Lookin' back on 'em years, like the streetz ain't changed

Ten years in the game, still spinnin'

I'm still runnin', still gunnin' at foes

And money's still comin'

A half of these niggas is talkin' about it and get shit

Is the winky type of bite a block, just revere it

Live my life tactfree and don't give a fuck about nothing

A ?17's? fo' enemies a whole type of duckin'

So every picture's money I get, I'ma double it

Even if I'd sell a mill, I'd still be bubblin'

I still cop solo, can't trust no man

??? Meeno & my nigga half dead

(C'mon) [Yeah] (I have told ya'll!, huh, die slow)

2x Chorus:

Never Thought that it would happen this way

After all this shit I did, never thought that I'd be rappin' one day

Uh, uh, uh

Verse 2 [Meeno]:

Never Thought I'd have a Benz

Fo' ?V twizzy?, when a dime's on a ?D-Throw?

You know the tinks

Never thought a nigga like me would cheat in the game

Taxfree money, still get a seat in the change

Never Thought of bein' taught, with me deep in the game

On the other side of the town with these weak ass lames

Never wanted to see "Live On Lenox"

Vacant Lot

Foot ya'll niggas, my crew will make it hot

Def to a man that saved alot

We do it all for the love of the kids, love of the block

Wanna start me poppin', love it or not

I've been through alot of Bullshit and you thought I forgot

Gotta get whut you deserve and I owe you alot

Cause we the ballin' niggas

Hard to fall niggas

Ready when it's time for thoughts, you cored niggas

Sendin' this shit out to all ya'll niggas

Wanna know whut we about, we ball on niggas

Vacant Lot, 99, Fuck ya'll


Verse 3 [Baby Madison]:

Who would ever thought I woulda switch games

I thought all this crack money I gain

And all the cold nights hustlin' in the rain

Still runnin' from the cops

Game don't stop

Wanna restin' til' they catchin', I'ma had it the game

Back my coke to blast

Nigga rubbers' been on my nuts

The free work is on the block

I ain't tryna get knocked

Supplyin' with the light tops with plastic glocks

I'ma ball til' I drop whether you like it or not

When it's on, so they dump, blamin' on Vacant Lot

We niggas makin' it hot, we about to drop

Talk slick and blow ?droh?, I be blazin' tribes

Watch your mouth and your man ?off? I be diffin' the back

Grimmy niggas lay back, slingin' raps like crack

House full of Platinum Plaques, I did it at last

Dirty money to green cash, to the best throw wacks

And if you can't except it, then nigga respect it

Number One on Billboards, better run and check it


2x Chorus

Outro [Dame Grease]:

I never realized life can be so simple, baby (so simple baby)

Haha ha-hah (Haha ha-hah)

We doin' this for the kids (doin' it for the kids)

We doin' this for the love of the block (love of the block)

It's all we got (It's all we got)

Ya know whut I'm sayin' (Ya know whut I'm sayin')

Whut you livin' for (Whut you livin' for)

Cause whut you love (Cause whut you love),

is whut you hate (is whut you hate)

Ask yourself (Ask yourself)

You can never be like us (You can never be like us)

Respect yourself (Respect yourself)

It's on you to hold it, kid (It's on you to hold it, kid)

Fuck all ya'll! (Fuck all ya'll)
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