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Hold It On - Landau James Ef Lyrics

Updated Jan 1, 1970 | Posted time: Jan 1, 1970

What is Hold It On Lyrics

"Hold It On" lyrics are a set of words that make up a song named Hold It On, usually consisting of verses and choruses. The writer of this song lyrics is a lyricist or lyrist: Landau James Ef.

Hold It On song words

Music by John Jenkins-Stark)

They say that all of us are free,
And that our nation is the best;
If that were so, how could be be a people so terribly oppressed?
Every last person, so they claim, is equal and all that, although
They really don't treat us the same,
And what they say just isn't so.
Here you're a prisoner in school as autocratic faculty
Will advantage of their rule
And squash and mold humanity.
And when there isn't a way out, you think of
The psychic scars they'll cause.
Could we do, we people, without stupid laws?
And superficial thought abounds,
Everywhere you go hate seethes,
You think about it, and ever human that ever breathes . . .

Hold it on!
Hold it on!
Hold it on!
Hold it on against them!
Hold it on!
Hold it on!

Though Hitler died in '45, and they say he is surely gone,
Dictatorship is well alive, and propaganda still lives on.
I'm sure that we could have a more harmonic local neighborhood;
But where you live, it's either poor
Or they're too rich for their own good.
Now, thousands way down on the street are still unsheltered in the
They need church offerings to eat,
And spend nights sleeping in the drain.;
Perhaps our country works for some, who all are rich, male and White,

Now, are we being overcome by parties on the Right?
Our teens tody commit no crime when they protest to gain world peace;

Yet they end up most of the time a casualty of the police.

America is something that they advertise,
They promise us this land
Brings all freedom and democracy,
I know it's all hypocrisy,
And so I decline to stand!

Traditional sex roles and getting married now
Are all that they discuss,
And have your share of progeny,
And yet I believe androgyny
Would be much better for us, better for us, better for us . . .

Hold it on!
Hold it on!
Hold it on!
Hold it on against them
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