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Jay-z - Jay-z Lyrics

Updated Jan 1, 1970 | Posted time: Jan 1, 1970

What is Jay-z Lyrics

"Jay-z" lyrics are a set of words that make up a song named Jay-z, usually consisting of verses and choruses. The writer of this song lyrics is a lyricist or lyrist: Jay-z.

Jay-z song words

woke up this morning...UH OHHH!got yourself a...*starts with cut of beats from Nas, "got yourself a gun"*I GOT MYSELF A GUNUH OHHH!I GOT MYSELF A GUNBrooklyn, stand up!I got myself a gun,but really I don't need the heatYa heart pump project Kool-Aid, ya sweetI don't gotta 2-Way you gays?This is not beef, this is rap, homieI don't have a scratch on me,Ya feel Jay's soft, ya rip Jay off,Damn, I'm only worth over a hundred million,Look, I got beef with like a hundred children,Niggas with pink suits, tryn to get cuteYou a li'l outta line, homieDon't let the nine, homiePut you out ya mind, homieJust rhyme, homieKick ya little lies, I kick my real factsLike you sneakn out the back of the source soundlabWe wasn't chasin, naw, we had a tapin', tooWe came thru to do our 1-2 thangIt wasn't a Roc-a-Fella come thru thangIf it was on like that, niggas'll come through QueensWit' Queens niggaz, y'all know how I doLook, I got more shooters than Queen's Bridge and you,Gotta tie you up on the Coliseum roof,'n open beer bottles off the boys chip toothNa'Look here:I GOT MYSELF A GUNUH OHHH!I GOT MYSELF A GUNListen, I'm the J, the AY fuck you nasYa never so ask an now u escobarHad to buy ya chain back last time u got robbedTHE NERVE OF THIS COWARD, he like "OH MY GOD!"I know rap rumors or innuendosBut yo I bring it to ya LIVE lift up ya windows!Let the public peek inN' see ya dirty laundryY'ALL DON'T WANT ME TO CONTINUE, HOV!(laugh) supa uglaydj scratch, laughsall i really know is yo ho wants to be wit meshe ain't playn, know what im sayinAINT PLAYN AINT PLAYN AINT PLAYN wit meme and the boy, A.I., got more in common thanjust ballin and rhymin, get it?MORE IN CARMEN*I came in yo' Bentley backseatSkeeted in the jeepLeft condoms on yo' baby's seatHere the niggaz in the club,love is doneIt's whatever, whenever, however you wantAND SINCE U INFATUATED WIT Sayin that GAY SHITGuess you was kissn my dick when you was kissn that bitchNasty shit, u thought i was taller than thatYou callin home a hundred times, i was bonin her neckU got a baby by the broad you can't disown her yetwhen do your lies end?when does the truth begin?and when does reality set in, or does it not matterGOTTA HURT THAT I'M YO BABY MAMA'S FAVORITE RAPPER!and asd your current girl, she know whats upHolla at ya real nigga *siren*[Dre clip] I don't give a fuckall i really know is that yo ho wants to be wit meshe ain't playn, know what im sayinAINT PLAYN AINT PLAYN AINT PLAYN wit meooooooout* Carmen is Nas' baby's mother
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